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SPX Weekly Options With Al Losada (Part 1)
Episode 58th May 2020 • Stock Market Options Trading • Eric O'Rourke
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Special guest Al Losada is on the show today talking SPX options trading. The episode went over an hour so I decided to split into two separate episodes. 

In this first episode, Al and I discuss how we both ended up trading SPX options. One commonality we shared was a book we both read that helped get us into SPX credit spreads called Profiting with Iron Condor Options by Michael Hanania Benklifa.

This book had a big influence on our trading and its a great read for those interested in trading index option spreads. 

Al Losada is the founder of Simple Option Strategies. Here are a few ways to find more about him online.


Facebook Group:

YouTube Channel:

In the coming Part 2 episode, we'll be discussing an SPX credit spread strategy with weekly options that expire the same day. This is referred to as Zero DTE spreads. 

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for Part 2 of trading SPX options with Al Losada.

J. Eric O'Rourke



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