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Every Single Thing Comes from Your Mind
Episode 330th May 2022 • Lama Zopa Rinpoche Essential Extracts • Lama Zopa Rinpoche
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Hell, enlightenment, samsara, nirvana, what is true and false come from our mind. Whatever we see and hear, whatever we touch and smell, if someone likes us or is angry with us, whether we experience anything as good or bad from birth to death—all of this started with our mind. It came from our karma—the mental factor intention, Rinpoche says. On top of that, our mind imputes good and bad, the next second there is the appearance of good or bad, and then we believe it is real good or bad. This is why Buddha said, “The mind is the creator.” Normally people think that everything they experience came from outside, from others, and has nothing to do with the mind and so anger and attachment arise creating karma over and over. This is a total hallucination and what we experience as good or bad is our interpretation, from our mind. The teaching for this episode was recorded on May 10, 2018, at Great Stupa Of Universal Compassion, Australia.