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February, the Month of Love
Episode 1476th February 2023 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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When most people think of February and love, they think of Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is the holiday for couples. But what if you aren't part of a couple? Kim shares her personal story of how painful Valentine's Day was for her after the death of her husband and what she did about it. She reminds people to check in on those who may be grieving during the month of love, especially when they are grieving the loss of their partner, whether through death, divorce or decision. Single, when not by choice, can be an especially challenging status around Valentine's Day. She goes on to remind us of Man Day on February 12, Galentine's Day on February 13 and Singles Awareness Day on February 15. Whatever your relationship status, there are always ways to find love in February or any time of year. You can honor and appreciate the men in your life, get out and party with the women in your life or work on self-love during Singles Awareness Day. Love is in the air...