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S4 Ep 2 - Domestic Violence Hidden in Plain Sight
Episode 212th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode we are joined by Nancy H. Stone M.S. LCP, a professional therapist with Jewish Family Services.

With October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, Nancy Stone provides insight on how to detect a violence that is “hidden in plain sight” with details on how it begins, where it goes south, and when it gets dangerous. Beverly Taylor zeroes in on a commonly asked question: why doesn’t the victim leave the abuser?

Stone invites listeners to ponder that, “an abuser is not abusive 100% of the time.” Stone puts the truth in our face with statistics on the prevalence of domestic violence around us and the effect it has on families and economies. She also provides insight about the different forms of abuse and the best methods of helping someone through them. “In a rational relationship, problems have solutions, but in an abusive relationship, solutions become problems.” After listening to this episode, you will realize a family member, friend or coworker may be suffering from domestic violence right under your nose.