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Cyber Humanity - Immersive Labs EPISODE 42, 13th July 2021
42: Hey Ya Kaseya: MSPs as unwitting attackers
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42: Hey Ya Kaseya: MSPs as unwitting attackers

Kaseya, Kaseya, Kaseya... How could we release an episode this week WITHOUT talking about the calamity at Kaseya?

If you hadn't heard, the ransomware gang REvil has leveraged a vulnerability in Kaseya's VSA software against multiple MSPs and their clients. Oh dear. So what is it? Bog standard ransomware? Supply chain compromise? Zero-day exploit? It's all a bit murky, so Kev gets his 'Cyberattacks for Dummies' hat on.

Also featured is the news that audio-editing software Audacity has been accused of being 'possible spyware'.