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Ep 164: The Making of a Mentor: Dr. Melody Winterhalter
Episode 16414th February 2023 • That Vet Life Podcast • That Vet Life Podcast
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For this week's episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Moriah is joined by Dr.Melody Winterhalter. Melody was born in Switzerland and relocated to Geelong after earning her degree from the Royal Veterinary College in London. She adores all animals, but she is particularly fascinated by sharks and other aquatic creatures. When it comes to more traditional pets, Corgis are particularly important to her.

Melody likes to read, eat cheese, and explore the Australian outdoors when she's not working. She believes that having a strong mentor is essential for landing a job as a new graduate. And since she is passionate about educating and mentoring, she is passing this lesson on to the upcoming generation of veterinarians, nurses, and pet owners.

In this episode, Dr.Melody Winterhalter talks about her first job experience from a mentorship aspect, revealing what she was looking for in her mentor. She explains how her practice displays the culture of mentorship and how it influenced her decision when she was in her first job. Join in, if you are a young graduate looking for your first job and proper mentorship


01:13 - Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction of Dr. Melody Winterhalter

01:50 - Melody discusses the aspects of mentorship she sought as a young graduate beginning her career in vet medicine. She also shares the qualities young graduates should look for in a mentor.

03:40 - How can you assess if a practice has good mentorship as part of its culture?

06:20 - Dr. Melody talk about her first mentor, describing the qualities she valued in him or her as well as how the relationship advanced her professional development.

08:30 - How should you tell your mentor what you expect from them as a mentee?

10:47 - A short ad break - Join our Career Concierge service.

11:30 - What your mentorship should provide you with during your first year?

16:15 -Melody discusses the mentorship experiences of some of her friends and the lessons she learned from them when deciding on a mentor for herself.

21:02 - Dr. Melody Winterhalter offers valuable advice to vet students who are looking for good internships at their first practice.

31:21 -Dr. Moriah wraps up the episode.