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Pooled CS Model
Episode 232nd September 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Welcome to The Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, a space where we recognize and celebrate people who change the game of customer success and product experience for their companies, customers, teammates, and partners.

Topic: Pooled CS Model

One hotly discussed topic in the CS world today: How can you effectively work with different types of customers? There are very innovative ways companies have approached this, one of which was recently fathomed by Brazilian RD Station. In today’s episode, Customer Success Executive Director of RD Station, Erika Tornice, joins us to chat about the Pooled Customer Success Model. What is it? How did it come to be? Plus, some early-on observations her team is ready to work with for further iterations. Join in and listen to how this innovative model may be changing the game of the Customer Success industry. 

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(00:33) - Who is Erika Tornice?: Her 20 plus background in Customer Success and  her recent Game Changer Award - “I am managing a team of about 150 people who deliver outcomes to our RD Station customers every day.”

(06.27) - What is a Pooled CSM, and how did they come up with it? - “For our key accounts, we still have the Dedicated CSM model, but then for the 70% of our base of customers, we moved it to this Pooled Model”.

(12:53) - External and internal reactions: How was this model received? - “CSM’s saw this as an opportunity for them to specialize and deliver a better experience to our customers.”

(17:12) - Too many cooks in the kitchen? Risks on the model - “We can demonstrate to the team when things don't go as we plan, what's the impact of that on the customer so that we continue reiterating along the way.”

(21:18) - Are there improvements to be made? - “There are learnings on both sides that I think we have the opportunity to iterate and be more effective.”


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