How to Suffer Well: A Youngster’s Mental Health Journey. A chat with Caroline Molloy
Episode 453rd February 2022 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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Everyone has their challenges. “We all have our lot to deal with”, as we’ve been told.

“Why me” is a common refrain when it comes to something serious or “unusual” or “not normal” happens to you.

“I am a good person, God. Why did I deserve this?”

You see, no one can truly feel someone else’s pain. And when you listen to our conversation with this 24-year old woman, you feel her!

Well, may be. Sort of. 

Truth is, we are all special. We all have our lot to deal with. And we all do it differently. 

Caroline has her unique way. And that is why, after 17 surgeries since her Stage 4 diagnosis for Lyme disease, she is alive and well to share her story!

You will feel all the emotions listening to her, as she drops amazing wisdom for a young woman who is vibrant, lively and beautiful, inside and out. 

 Caroline Molloy is a South Carolina native that has done everything from 

  • modeling for Italian Vogue online,
  • to starring in national commercials, 
  • working in film alongside major names
  • public speaking for FCA,
  • running a blog about her battle with Lyme Disease while fighting it in stage 4. 

She has lived all over the country and is currently getting back into modeling and acting after years off for her illness, while currently working in nutrition as a certified health coach. 

She is also a writer, an advocate for anti-bullying, anti-human trafficking & special needs students rights. 

Watch out for her film 6.22! 

Look for posts on Instagram @6.22film

You can find Caroline Molloy 

On Instagram: @carolinemolloy 


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