Artwork for podcast REVOXYLIFE: Revelations From the Oxymorons of Life
REVOXYLIFE - The Power of Potential
Episode 924th August 2022 • REVOXYLIFE: Revelations From the Oxymorons of Life • Sophia Edwards-Bennett
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In this episode, Dr. EB explicates, extrapolates and expounds upon our experiential repertoires; to encourage, inspire, motivate and awaken every listening ear to the power encapsulated within, embodied by, dormant inside each and everyone of us; the power of our potential. Latent but not extinct, dormant but not decadent. Potential: awaiting its conversion to kinetic, to be set in motion, His promise to come to fruition, it’s ultimate expression, destiny’s demand of its glory to unveil on this earth; to spread its limitless rays of light in this world.