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An Election Without Representation?
Episode 712nd November 2020 • Truthspresso • truthspresso
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Joe from WalkwithGod joined me on Wednesday to chat about the upcoming election and politics from a Christian perspective.

What made this fun is that we didn't plan out our discussion. Neither of us knew the other's views until right before hitting the record button!

Joe described himself as a "centrist."

I described myself as "libertarian-leaning."

Both of us feel a little like outsiders looking in through the window at a political system that never really represents us.

As Christians, we both desire to filter all politics through the Word of God, not through a party platform.

We discussed abortion, democracy, gerrymandering, representation, the Supreme Court, and God's laws in the Decalogue.

We hope this discussion will be both challenging and encouraging as we wait for the perfect government with Christ returns to reign.

Check out Joe's thoughts:

WalkwithGod podcast

WalkwithGod YouTube channel


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