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Special Episodes – Episode 7 – Animals’ positive impact on people
Episode 731st August 2022 • The Art and Science of Joy • Andrew Cannon
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Welcome to our latest series, Special Episodes! In short, Special Episodes are episodes that don’t quite fit into our usual podcast format, but that we want to share with our listeners anyway because we find them special and inspirational.

In the seventh episode of the series, we are looking into animals’ positive impact on people with MicheleElys. She is a neurobehavioralist, author, and speaker who loves animals. She encourages people to adopt animals and shares content about how to train them and make them happy. Michele has owned and adopted dogs, horses, and cats, and trained them to support her as service and therapeutic animals.  

During this episode, we discuss topics such as:

  • How we can learn from animals
  • Adopting one animal is saving two lives
  • The healing power of animals

To find out more about MicheleElys, you can follow her on LinkedIn and visit her website. Take a look also at Michele’s book and check her service dog Aspen’s YouTube channel, where you can find joyful and relaxing videos of Aspen having fun and being trained.

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