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Become Invincible with Greg Todd
Episode 23210th February 2023 • The Aaron LeBauer Show • Aaron LeBauer
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On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Gregg Todd, one of the world’s top healthcare business coaches. He’s helped thousands of physical therapists renew their careers, restart their lives, and make more money all while helping more people. He’s the founder of Smart Success Health Care Live! Greg is one of my best friends and has been on the podcast before. He’s also going to be a speaker at PT Biz Con 2023. 

Greg Todd gives valuable insight on becoming invincible. He is doing a challenge March 6 – 10 called the Invincible Challenge where Greg will be showing people over 5 days how to get in the right mindset, how personal development can help in all aspects of life, and also show people how to stop trading time for money. 

 You don’t want to miss this interview!

Be sure to join us at PT Biz Con 2023 – the premier event for physical therapists looking to grow their businesses and reach their full potential. Visit to learn more and register today.


1:00 introduction

2:50 having high standards

9:10 making people uncomfortable with mediocrity

17:00 running challenges

22:09 try, fail, stop

29:30 getting hate and getting support

43:40 abundance mindset and getting attention

53:30 learning from others

55:30 Invincible Challenge

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