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Affiliate Marketing Success, With Ray Sinlao
Episode 25819th April 2021 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Ray Sinlao is the coder that went 'all-in' on Affiliate Marketing. In 2019 we published a podcast with him that has been one of our all-time most-listened-to shows. Before this conversation, he declined podcasts and speaking engagements. Sinlao preferred to fly under the radar, but make no mistake, he has achieved huge success in a seriously short amount of time, with his 8-Figure Affiliate Marketing business, Standard Conversions.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing some highlights of that conversation in a bite-size chunk. You can hear Roland’s full conversation with Ray Sinlao here.

What Is An Affiliate Network? 

An affiliate network manages the connection between product owners (advertisers) and affiliate marketers. They handle all the negotiating and pitch. 

Listen Episode 258 For,
  • How to get started as an affiliate marketer.
  • The role of writing great copy.
  • The commission rates he looks for and when you can negotiate.
  • The seasonality of Ad Costs and when you sometimes need to kill a campaign.
  • How he pays his team and structures compensation.
  • The importance of reading data and the power of ruthlessly cutting underperforming campaigns.
  • The beautiful video campaign that didn’t convert.

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