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Ep. 80: Mark Asquith – Straight Talk on Lessons Learned and the Power of Batching
Episode 8022nd February 2017 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Welcome, Dream Chasers! I have another terrific show for you today with an international guest. Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful businesses in digital product development, design, and marketing. Mark is a passionate podcaster, hosting the UK’s #1 business podcast, Excellence Expected. Mark explains how he learned that to truly control his lifestyle, he had to work for himself. Mark has built his personal brand with an audience of worldwide fans of his “no fluff” attitude. A perpetual learner with a giant dog and an embarrassing beard, Mark is a regular speaker at technology, business, and media events around the world. Join us!

TWEET: “I left my ‘proper #job’ at 23 and have been pretty much #unemployable ever since.”   @MrAsquith

Hard Lessons Learned:

Is there such a thing as making “too much” money? Mark says YES! The problem comes from making too much money when you really don’t know what your life’s path should be. Mark’s unconventional path has had some strange twists until he found the freedom to figure out what he wanted to do. He recounts his lessons learned, like “be yourself,” and not trying to be something you aren’t. Those difficult lessons led him to the success he enjoys today!

TWEET: “I’m NOT that guy chasing #millions.” @MrAsquith

Birth of the EE brand:

Mark describes his approach as “putting people on a road map for validation.” His passion is to help people with their podcasts, listening to what they want within the realms of branding, business coaching, marketing, and web strategies. Mark explains the importance of listening to people and “picking your YESSES.”

TWEET: “#Earning BIG #money didn’t bring me #fulfillment!” @MrAsquith

Batching is the KEY

Do you often feel like you’re playing “catch up” and running behind your deadlines? Mark shares his secret to success, especially in the world of blog posts and podcasts. He “batches” his content based on what people ask for—and stays many months AHEAD of the game. He explains how this process allows him to keep it simple and sensible as he repurposes content and offers great resources for his clients. Remember, the goal is to get some things OFF your plate, and not to overload it! 

TWEET: “Pick your YESSES—you can’t take everything and run with it.” @MrAsquith


Be super clear about what you’re trying to do for your audience.


  • [2:11] Why Mark quit his job at age 23
  • [3:05] Finding the balance between what I want to do and what I need to do
  • [6:02] Figuring out what the next step is, and how Mark bluffed his way to self-employment
  • [8:51] How Mark REALLY screwed up
  • [11:26] Lessons learned
  • [13:04] The University of Life
  • [14:46] Mark’s beginning in podcasting in 2015, knowing what works, and building a personal brand
  • [17:14] Mark’s approach in developing podcast websites
  • [19:46] Balancing it all? How Mark makes batching work for him!
  • [27:22] How to handle unexpected feedback
  • [28:40] Why content is never wasted if you learn to repurpose it
  • [31:36] Building the perfect audience avatar
  • [33:14] Mark’s recommendation about your long-game purpose


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TWEET: “The ultimate goal in content #marketing is to prove that you’re there.” @MrAsquith

TWEET: “Every time you #create anything is just practicing for the NEXT thing.” @MrAsquith