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025: No One Is Thinking About You (And Why That’s A GREAT Thing)
15th November 2018 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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In this week’s minisode, Dorothy tackles a limiting belief that affects everybody across all professions: the fear that other people are not only thinking about your work and aspirations but judging you for them as well. This phobia can greatly hold us back and keep us from pursuing the dream career we otherwise know we could do well and do good at, especially in the age of social media where it’s easy to both broadcast the big changes in your life and receive criticism for them. If even the thought of other people’s dissenting opinions bothers you, then Dorothy has the ten-minute cure you need!


Show Notes:

  • An empowering snippet of advice from the late author David Foster Wallace.
  • Sorting all these imagined or unimagined opinions into groups:
    • Old college friends and casual acquaintances.
    • Family, friends, and the people who really do care for you.
  • Breaking down “crab mentality” and why groups push against non-conforming opinions.
  • Taking a results-based approach to opinions: do the people voicing their concerns have the life you want to live?


Dorothy invites you to DM her on Instagram @dorothyillson if you would like to share your own experiences with time management and healthy work habits!