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Intentionality in Your Career and Life with Heidi Karino
Episode 13317th October 2022 • Transformations with Jayne • Jayne Nakata
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This week on the podcast I talk to Heidi Karino, a Japanese English Transcreation Specialist working with content marketing translation. Heidi came to Japan and pursued translation as a career, pivoted to copywriting, and ultimately became a transcreation specialist with the launch of Kotonoha Bloom. 

Listen to the episode to hear about Heidi’s journey from the UK to Japan, her experiences in Japan studying and working, how she was drawn to the creativity she found in transcreation, and her advice for being more intentional in your decisions regarding your career and life.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Heidi came to Japan in the 90s
  • Heidi’s work for the Oriental Land Company, the company that runs the Tokyo Disney Resort
  • What transcreation is and how it differs from translation
  • Advice on reassessing and transforming your career trajectory
  • The community Heidi is building online for other Japanese English translators

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