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Cloud Audit (ish) Changing Mobile Phone contract to Honest Mobile
Episode 2618th July 2023 • Beyond Net Zero Journey • Chloe Thomas
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On this episode of Beyond Net Zero Journey, host Chloe Thomas shares her recent discovery of a mobile phone service provider in the UK that aligns with her mission of reducing carbon usage.

Chloe discusses her decision to switch to Honest Mobile, a BCorp and carbon-negative company that offers a better roaming deal and contributes to environmental causes.

She highlights the social proof and eco-consciousness of Honest Mobile, including their carbon offsetting initiatives and awards.

Chloe expresses her satisfaction with the service and customer support she received, emphasizing the company's prompt and helpful chat option on their app and website.

She encourages businesses to consider Honest Mobile as an easy decision to reduce their carbon footprint. Honest mobile - Use code chloe12691 and we both get a free month

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