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44: July Sidereal Astrology Forecast Overview 2024
Episode 441st July 2024 • The Cosmic Mystic Podcast • Danie C. Muniz
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Welcome to The Cosmic Mystic Podcast! In this episode, intuitive astrologer Danie C. Muniz breaks down the celestial energies for July 2024, offering insights to help you align with the cosmic currents.

✨Key Highlights:

  • Sun's journey from Gemini to Cancer
  • Multiple planetary retrogrades: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
  • Mars transitioning from Aries to Taurus
  • Venus moving through Gemini, Cancer, and into Leo
  • Mercury's shift from Cancer to Leo
  • Significant aspects: Mars conjunct Uranus, Venus opposite Pluto, Jupiter square Saturn

✨Cosmic Insights:

  1. Saturn Retrograde (June 29 - November 14): A time for reassessing structures, goals, and priorities in your life.
  2. Mars in Taurus (July 12 onwards): Slowing down, focusing on practical, long-term goals.
  3. Venus in Cancer (July 7 - 30): Emphasis on nurturing relationships, especially female bonds and family connections.
  4. Mercury in Leo (July 19 onwards): Boost in confidence, focus on expressive communication and storytelling.
  5. Uranus Retrograde (July 2 - January 20, 2025): Invitation for internal reflection and reimagining your world.

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