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#17 The power of plants and “veggie loading”
Episode 177th October 2020 • Nourish Nurture Breathe • Nourish Nurture Breathe with Kami and Christie
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In this episode, Kami focuses “on the plate” with her foundation premise to eating for health, which is “veggie loading”.

Veggie loading doesn’t mean being a vegetarian or a vegan, but instead eating an abundance of vegetables and plant foods on the daily in order to set ourselves up for optimal health.

You’ll learn:

  • Why eating a diet rich in vegetables and plant foods is so important
  • Practical tips to add to your tool kit to help you and your family reach your plant food quota every day
  • A look into wholefood supplements and how to choose the best ones.

PLUS, heaps of recipes and cooking tips to help you add even more deliciousness and nutrition to your meals.

Links and resources:

·      Listen to Kami’s episode on Primary Food here.

·      Find our Plant Food Tracker here and get going this week with tracking your veggie loading and celebrate your success every week in upping your number and increasing your list

·      Find a sneak peek of Kami’s recipe for Super power brownies here from her collaboration book What to Eat: A Specialist Guide to Fertility & Pregnancy with Dr Joo Teoh. Email to purchase a copy.

·      Find other delicious recipes on Kami’s blog here.

·      Read the research on the Juice Plus+ wholefood supplements Kami recommends here. You'll find why Kami chooses Juice Plus+ Here.

·      If you’d like to learn more about Kami’s Mind Body Lifestyle Wellness Online Program or anything discussed in this episode, please reach out at

·      Learn more about the importance of vegetables in our diet here and here.

·      Learn more about the importance of variety in our diets here.

·      Here is the link to Thermomix's Vegetable Stock Paste recipe I mentioned. I keep to the same quantities but mix it up with what the veg and herbs I have on hand each time.

AND as a special listener bonus, anyone signing up to Kami’s Mind Body Lifestyle Online Wellness Program and mentioning Nourish Nurture Breathe will receive a free copy of her What to Eat cookbook. It’s full of recipes to help you thrive at whatever your stage of life.

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