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#182 Thad Miller - Private Practice Ownership Opportunities are Abundant
Episode 18216th April 2023 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I’m joined by Thad Miller, the founder of Thad and the team have a mission to successfully connect veterinarians’ present with their future through practice acquisitions and practice sales.

  • What is DVMMatch and the purpose in Thad's word.
  • The feedback the team has heard from private practice owners at conferences.
  • How "hope" is key word that's coming up a lot.
  • Associate veterinarians and the opportunities that are in the marketplace.
  • Why smaller transitions are ignored by many - and why DVMmatch is different by design.
  • The similarities and differences of dental vs. veterinary medicine.
  • Thad's advice to veterinarians across the country.
  • AND so much more!

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