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Snacking and Scaling: The Journey of 'Made For Drink’ with Daniel Featherstone
Episode 28320th February 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 283 - Daniel is founder of Made For Drink - simple, authentic and utterly delicious snacks to be enjoyed with a drink. Major listings include The Fat Duck, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Fortnums, as well as partnerships with Laurent Perrier, English Heritage and Molson Coors. Made For Drink were also winner of the Edie Sustainability Leadership Award in 2022.

We discuss the challenges and successes that Daniel has faced during his journey in the snack industry, his thoughts on the industry's future, the sustainability measures they took and how it backfired, and the necessity for leadership and vision in the food industry. Daniel also explains why categorising food as good and bad qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 Welcome to BWB

00:34 Discussing Daniel’s Business and Product Tasting

01:28 Deep Dive into Daniel’s Business Journey

02:42 Challenges and Doubts of Running a Business

03:32 Manufacturing and Scaling the Business

12:22 Transition from Manufacturing to Outsourcing

15:26 Fundraising and Investor Relations

20:48 Reflections on Business Growth and Future Plans

25:08 Downsides of Sustainable Packaging

26:16 The Crisis of Product Recall and Production Halt

26:36 Impacts of Packaging on Product Quality

26:50 Struggles of Meeting Business Targets

27:09 Challenges of Product Development and Innovation

29:13 The Need for Leadership in the Snack Industry

32:37 The Role of Small Businesses in Achieving Net Zero

33:19 Importance of Clear Guidelines for Carbon Emissions

38:29 The Exmoor Carbon Project: A Personal Initiative

43:04 Bullshit In Biz - Misconceptions about Good and Bad Food

48:24 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know Daniel

50: 43 Daniel’s Top Tips for Entrepreneurs 

50:45 The Importance of Passion and Vision in Business

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