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Leadership Gold: Chapter 19 - Be A Connector [E110]
Episode 1101st May 2023 • Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz • Chris Cotton
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In this podcast episode, I discuss chapter 19 of John Maxwell's Leadership Gold Book, "Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber." As I go through the episode, I explain the differences between climbers and connectors in terms of their mindset and approach to leadership, and stress the importance of balancing both in leadership. I also provide tips on how to become a better connector, such as taking time to connect with people relationally and defining your purpose. My aim with this episode is to help independent auto repair shop owners become successful business owners by opening their minds to new ideas and putting them in charge of their future.

Auto Leap shop management software: 00:00:14

Leadership Gold book by John Maxwell: 00:01:03

Application exercises for Leadership Gold book: 00:01:12 and 00:07:46

Traits of climbers and connectors: 00:02:58 and 00:06:49

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