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28. Selling with Story and Radical Authenticity with Trish Santos
Episode 2810th April 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color

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Do you ever feel like you need to be hyper-masculine to make it in business? Maybe you've even had trouble connecting with women in your family who live by traditional cultural values when it comes to womanhood?

Well if so, today's episode will be such a treat for you. Trish is feminine soft skills expert who helps modern women attract, transform, and create harmonious relationships. Trish is a first generation Filipino American who was never modeled healthy relationship dynamics.

We began working together in August. As a brand new coach, she landed her first client less than one month into coaching...then another 3 clients, all within a matter of months.

This is the story of Trish growing out of the "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality after her father passed away. And now she's helping other women do the same!

Trish embodied the 3 elements of creating demand quickly:

1. She was extremely visible with multiple marketing platforms working in her favor

2. Her thought leadership spoke to an unmet need: daughters of immigrants have a hard time being in their feminine

3. Selling with her Story and Radical Authenticity.

In this episode, we're chatting about:

  • How Trish was able to move like a full time coach from the very beginning
  • The way that grief changed Trish's direction in life
  • How she handles hate online
  • Why embracing femininity is so important for women who are running a business

I'm so excited to dive in with Trish! If you want to continue the conversation, go check out her podcast, Feminine Purpose.

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