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What’s The Best Diet?
Episode 23rd December 2019 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Okay, so one of the most common questions I get asked is …

What’s the best diet?

For anyone that wants to lose weight, tone up, and get fit, it probably seems like there are a thousand options - a thousand different ways to do it. 

In today's episode, we do exactly what this podcast was created to do ...

Cut through the confusion and get down to the truth.

As much as we say we want the truth, most of us are looking for the "secret."

And there’s a really big difference between those two. Understanding this distinction can be the difference between finally changing your body and just continuing to spin your wheels, wondering why nothing works for you.

This episode could be the most empowering 15 minutes you've experienced when it comes to weight loss and your body!