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Episode 100! The INITIATION from Head to Heart, Unlocking your Full Potential
Episode 10014th June 2023 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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Today marks the 100th episode of The Untamed Life Podcast. For consecutive 100 weeks, we’ve challenged old ways of thinking, shattered chains that keep us stuck in the grind, and breathed life into fresh beginnings. 

In today's episode, we are exploring the beauty of aligning our hearts with our true purpose. 

Have you felt the persistent whisper inside, compelling you to leave the familiar and embrace a God-given landscape of abundance? 

The moment you choose to follow that whisper, instead of the incessant noise of the world - is the moment it all begins to change. 

And that is when the call to INITIATION begins. This process is one of shedding our old identities, old programs, old ways of doing things and emerging as a completely different person. It's a season of self-reflection, self-awareness, and readjustments. As we journey through this Initiation, we'll find ourselves stretched, and challenged like never before, ultimately leading us to a new level of strength, authenticity and fulfillment.

This is not a solo mission. We need community, support, and mentors to guide us along the way. It’s the most powerful and beautiful journey you will ever take - this journey from head to heart - from slavery into true freedom. 

And that’s what The Initiation flagship coaching and mentorship program provides. 

If you've been feeling the tug of your heart, if you're ready to step into your true calling and leave a legacy of love and connection, then this episode is for you - and it’s just the beginning. 

Together, we'll break free from the world's programming and embrace a new way of living. 

To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here.

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