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Episode 211: 5th Year Anniversary Special!! (Feat. Mark Orr, Paige Lockhart, Allison Jones, Michael Lee, Margaret Hanzlick-Burton, Camden Hanzlick-Burton, and Ben Auxier)
Episode 2114th January 2024 • Audio Obscura • Audio Obscura
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Holy mysteries, Batman, can you believe it?? We're celebrating 5 years of Audio Obscura with a behemoth panel extraordinaire! We've got Mark Orr, Michael Lee, Allison Jones, Ben Auxier, Margaret Hanzlick-Burton, Camden Hanzlick-Burton, and Paige Lockhart! Chilli's also stops by to wish a quick happy 5 years. As per usual, Foster and David are in the obscurist seat together and have concocted a mystery for our troupe of guessies. We've got Team 'Galileo Was Wrong' and Team 'Shark Shart'. Margaret sometimes thinks about tanks. Camden punched a kid, but they deserved it. Allison remembers 90s hip hop fondly. Ben's honored to be here at the end of the show. David has to break the news to his family about their video. Paige is splashing ice water to help people. Michael is allowing himself to go places. Mark Orr gets everyone on his side. Foster's a real sniper. Enjoy. #ImWithBetty


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