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Culture is brand and brand is culture: how unicorns achieve success
31st October 2019 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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In October 2019 in London we held a lunch with our partners Landor discussing culture as a driver of business performance. Following the event Marketing Society Head of Professional Development, Alex Ricketts, sat down with Eissa Khoury, Landor's Executive Director of Culture and Engagement EMEA, to discuss their forthcoming white paper, 'Culture is Brand and Brand is Culture: How Unicorns Achieve Success.' Researching this paper Landor interviewed 10 unicorns. A unicorn being defined as a former start-up that has achieved a $1bn valuation within 6-10 years. They typically tend to be technology-related, but not always. Alex and Eissa discussed how how culture breeds success within businesses, and how culture is not a departmental issue. As a driver of business performance it should be on the CEO's agenda. They discussed how leaders need to lead culture from the top and involve employees if you want meaningful change to happen. Landor's white paper is due to be published in late November 2019. We will share a link to download the paper once it is available. Find out more about Landor's work.