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Getting Accounting Clients to Conform: Susan Bryant
Episode 1010th April 2023 • Accounting Influencers • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Welcome to the Accounting Influencers Podcast, going live every Monday to 150 countries and 30,000 accounting practitioners, fintech specialists and influencers in the accountancy, CPA and bookkeeping space.

In today's episode 10, "Getting Accounting Clients to Conform", Susan Bryant discusses how accountants can improve their services and client experiences. She discusses the importance of accountants being proactive, communicating with clients regularly providing holistic financial advice. Bryant suggests that accountants need to focus on the clients that truly value their services and are willing to pay for them. She also encourages accountants to prioritise their fulfilment by only offering services they enjoy and focusing on their business development.

Bryant notes that the accounting industry needs to shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset and suggests that compensation for accountants should be tied to their ability to increase the value of their client's businesses and personal lives.

Bryant also discusses the need for accountants to standardise their processes to ensure conformity from the beginning and create positive client experiences. She highlights the importance of setting expectations and having systems to handle clients' varied and complex needs. She notes that clients are increasingly willing to switch accountants to find better service and advice and that accountants must be honest about their services to avoid disappointing clients. Bryant also emphasises the need for accountants to continually focus on their business development and continuously improve their knowledge and expertise.

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Key takeaways

➤ Clients seek a more holistic approach from their accountants beyond compliance work. Accountants must evaluate whether their clients truly understand and value their work and are willing to conform to their processes and standards.

➤ Accountants should consider recalibrating what a good client looks like and be willing to let go of clients who are not a good fit. This may necessitate creating systems and processes to attract better clients eager to consume their services.

➤ Accountants who are proactive, close to their clients, and able to deal with complexity will be more successful. They need to be willing and honest about the clients they want to serve and how they want to serve them.

➤ Accountants need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and think of themselves as business owners. They should be compensated based on their ability to contribute to increasing the value of their client's businesses and personal lives.

➤ Developing a more commercial acumen and a more entrepreneurial business-thinking mindset will be necessary for accountants to stay relevant.

Guest Bio

Susan Bryant is a highly experienced and accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Tax Coach passionate about driving positive change in the business world. With over 15 years of experience, Susan has worked closely with numerous business owners, helping them achieve their goals and dreams by improving their finance functions. She firmly believes that accurate and reliable accounting data, combined with advanced tax planning and strategic advisory services, can be a game-changer for businesses looking to propel themselves forward.

Susan has worked in various capacities with her clients over the years, including as an architect of accounting processes, a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor, and a tax strategist. Her expertise and dedication have earned her a reputation as a trusted and respected professional in the industry. With her knowledge and skills, Susan has helped countless businesses streamline operations, maximise profitability, and achieve long-term success.


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