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Uncovering Your Power, Part 2
Episode 15322nd August 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark and Joey delve into the complex emotions of confronting betrayal and heartbreak. Sharing personal experiences, they emphasize the need to lean into feelings, not just dismiss them, as they guide you through healing wounds, identifying core pains, and stripping away layers to reveal your empowered self that transforms pain into growth.

Episode Summary:

  • How do I shake the feelings of regret? 0:03
  • Welcome to the next level of Empowered AF 2.0, the next stage of empowered man.
  • Danny wants to wake up one day and share regret and shame with his ex, but he can't shake the thoughts of wanting her to get back with him.
  • How to deal with uncomfortable feelings. 2:07
  • Dealing with uncomfortable feelings is a lifelong process. Every day, you have to pick up your shield and never forget to always bear your shield.
  • Keep the pressure on where you are.
  • It takes time to unravel all of this stuff. 3:48
  • It takes time to unravel all of that stuff, and it takes time for guys to get on the other side of an affair.
  • There is always another level to thrive.
  • Embracing the pain and moving on. 5:37
  • Grief is like the ocean, it comes in waves, and when the waves come, you need to give yourself permission to feel those waves.
  • 75% of clients have been cheated on.
  • Accepting the pain of betrayal. 7:23
  • Many guys get stuck in the situational pain of their wife's affair, and they don't understand the gravity of what it feels like underneath the surface.
  • Most marriages can't be fixed because there's toxic shit that happens in them, and most with affairs.
  • What does this say about me as a man? 9:55
  • One of Mike's sons-to-be, tuition tuition wife, cried for three weeks straight, and it was time to cry for her.
  • As he was coming to that place, he started to really identify with what he was actually feeling, and for him, the word abandonment.
  • The true gift of this divorce. 12:04
  • The true gift is opening up wounds that were there that were never healed properly before, and this marriage is an opportunity for you to go deep and unlock things that you didn't even know were inside of you.
  • Michelangelo, who created the sistine chapel, said he stripped away everything that wasn't David.
  • The momentous opportunity to become an empowered man. 14:22
  • Michael is sad and frustrated when men waste their opportunity and don't take this shit seriously enough to do something about it.
  • There are over 50 episodes on the foundations of how to be an empowered man. Check out the empowered man group.

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