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Resident Alien: The Upper Hand
Episode 52125th February 2024 • The Superhero Show Show •
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The Superhero Show Show #521

Resident Alien: The Upper Hand

The Taste Buds review the second episode of the new Resident Alien season, The Upper Hand!

What Happens in Resident Alien: The Upper Hand

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, Mike and Ryan are left to their own devices, and review the latest episode of Resident Alien! Harry, Darcy and Asta begin their plan to stop the Grey Alien. While Asta goes out on a date with him, Harry and Darcy sneak into his house. But - and you are never going to believe this - not everything goes to plan!

Meanwhile, Sheriff Mike is dealing with a new-fashioned girlfriend, the mayor is trying to keep his family in his house, and Max is making new friends!

It's the final Superhero Junior of the season, as the Taste Buds return to their hour long format next week. So enjoy this bite sized podcast all about Resident Alien!




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D'arcy inserts herself into Harry's mission, while Kate grows more uncomfortable in her own home.


"Resident Alien" is a science fiction comedy-drama television series that premiered on Syfy on January 27, 2021. The show is based on the Dark Horse Comics series of the same name created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse.

The series follows an extraterrestrial being who crash-lands on Earth with the intention of destroying humanity. However, things take an unexpected turn when the alien assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, a human doctor in a small Colorado town. The alien's plans are complicated when he becomes involved in a murder investigation, using his otherworldly abilities to solve crimes.

The main character, played by Alan Tudyk, struggles to blend in with the human population, and the show explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the quirks of human behavior. The comedic elements arise from the fish-out-of-water scenario, as the alien learns about human culture and social norms while attempting to maintain his cover.

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The podcast often features in-depth reviews of popular superhero shows such as those from the Marvel and DC universes, as well as other notable series in the genre. Whether it's discussing the latest superhero team-up, exploring character arcs, or speculating on future plot twists, the "Superhero Show Show" podcast aims to be a go-to source for fans who want to stay up-to-date and engaged with their favorite superhero TV programs.






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