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Our Children Grow To Value What We Praise
Episode 6217th August 2022 • ParentEd • Focus on the Family Singapore
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As the saying goes, "Life is not a destination to be reached, but a journey to be enjoyed." How can our children enjoy the journey of learning? And how can parents learn to praise effort over results so that our children grow up knowing and appreciating the things that truly matter?

Join our host, June Yong, who chats with Mark and Sue Lim who are parents of two sons, authors of a parenting blog and consultants at The Social Factor, which focuses on training and teaching holistic self-development.

Speaking about the theory of praise and reinforcement, Mark and Sue share about building character and how our children's identities and self-worth are impacted by what we praise and reinforce. They also discuss the effects of affirming strengths in our children and share practical ways to observe, apply and practice doing so!


As a society, mental health has been an uprising concern, especially amongst our youth.

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