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E248 - Use the Rule of 26 to help businesses avoid the time drain and frustration of managing profitable digital marketing campaigns | with Michael Buzinski
Episode 24812th July 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Mike Buzinski has been dubbed a visionary marketer by the American Marketing Association. With over 30 years of experience in the digital marketing field, Michael tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and founded, where he offers a variety of packages to his clients. Michael has worked with Bass Pro Shop and the American Diabetes Association. Creator of the ‘Rule of 26’,  Michael’s mission is to reduce the confusion and intricacies of building websites and creating marketing campaigns. Using the Rule of 26, Michael has helped many businesses increase their KPIs to get a compound effect of 100% more revenue for their website. Michael shares his strategies to simplify digital marketing and explains the framework for the Rule of 26, so you can grow your business using tested ROI strategies. 

Michael Buzinski, creator of “The Rule of 26,” knows how to use digital marketing to increase your website revenue by 100%. Founder of, Michael offers three tracks for his clientele: do it yourself, done with you, or done for you. With a niche in service-centric businesses, Michael and his team know the importance of ROI-driven techniques to increase website traffic, conversion rate, and overall digital brand awareness and authority. 

Michael’s career path took an interesting path; he started his career in marketing and corporate sales for various national brands. However, without a college degree, Michael realized he wouldn’t be able to climb up the corporate ladder. When he looked at his options, he realized that college was not a possibility due to his lack of financial ability and the availability of student loans. So Michael decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and he enlisted in the military. After serving for the next ten years, Michael found himself in Alaska with no employable skills. That’s when his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Michael opened Buzz Media, a marketing company for musicians. Michael pivoted and expanded his reach to media for small businesses when his initial approach was unsuccessful.  After a few years, Michael realized that his success didn’t afford him the freedom he was looking for in life, so again Michael closed his doors and opened a new one. That is how BuzzWorthy was founded, a digital marketing company that focuses solely on digital marketing for small businesses. 

Strategy is at the top of a solid digital marketing campaign in Michael's business model.  How you will do what you want to do is most important. Getting the clients is easy, but you need to know how to attract them, onboard them, and retain them. Without a solid strategy, a good marketing campaign can break your business. The universe doesn’t see all the testing, failing, small wins, and big wins that go into becoming an overnight success. They don’t see the ten years of marketing missteps and hard work that created the overnight success. They don’t see the strategy side, only the increased sales. That is what Michael helps bring into focus. 

To help his clients understand how strategy plays into success, Michael created the Rule of 26. This framework is based on increasing unique traffic, average revenue per client, and website conversion rates by 26%. This creates a  compounded revenue increase of 100% in online sales. This strategy focuses on moving the revenue needle for clients and not KPIs. The Rule of 26 focuses on the KPIs”s that move revenue forward, and that’s where all the marketing efforts go. 

To break down the process further, Michael has his clients understand their purpose and how they will serve their target audience. Small businesses do one of two things, they either solve problems or help people attain their dreams. If they’re not doing one of those two things, they are doing something wrong. Then you need to create a website that speaks to your avatar because not all traff

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