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DOCSF 2023: AI in Surgical Workflow
23rd August 2023 • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF) • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF)
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Step into the spotlight with Edouard Saget from OrthoGrid in this captivating episode of the Digital Orthopedics Podcast. 

Edouard guides us through his remarkable journey of addressing a challenge in computer-assisted surgery and ingeniously fashioning a solution - a radiopaque grid that later evolved into a cutting-edge AI-driven concept. He emphasizes the elegance of simplicity in design and dives deep into their ongoing efforts, encompassing distortion resolution and the reduction of X-ray exposure in operating rooms. Their AI technology has undergone a transformative evolution, equipping surgeons with augmented insights during procedures, thus elevating accuracy and efficiency. This AI marvel is now trained to discern distinct surgical stages, offering real-time guidance to surgeons.

Don't miss out on this riveting conversation, uncovering the groundbreaking ways in which this avant-garde AI technology is revolutionizing surgical procedures, making them more streamlined and economically viable.





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