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20: The Khaki Man - Skinwalkers but Not Really, Navajo & Ojibwa Legends, Creatures of the Great Lakes Region, Native American Medicine Man, & More!
Episode 2017th October 2021 • Awake: Not Woke • Sara & Chas
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☽Episode 20: The Khaki Man☾

You may remember Marija from her We Is Me appearance in episode 19 where we learned about her interesting life and had some great conversations. She had one story in particular that we decided deserved its own episode. This encounter Marija experienced understandably left quite the impact; a creature from the folklore of the Ojibwa tribe of the Great Lakes region, anyone finding themselves face to face with it would have nightmares for years. There is, however, a slight addendum to this episode: The creature we originally thought it was is not what we believe it to be now. Marija had more information surface after we recorded this episode. If you are interested in learning about the creature we now believe it to be, the tiktoks that illuminated this information can be found here & here.

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