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Elite Achievement - Kristin Burke EPISODE 9, 5th November 2020
Grow Your Confidence with Nicole Kalil
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Grow Your Confidence with Nicole Kalil

On this episode Kristin talks to an expert on confidence, Nicole Kalil, a podcast host and a Founder of an organization helping women to thrive as their authentic selves. According to Nicole, confidence is a skill that can be developed, not something that we’re born with. She also shares tactics on how she grows confidence before a big event that makes her nervous. Stay tuned and learn how to be more confident.

Episode Highlights

07:06 - Building a confidence is taking one step at the time

08:30 - Confidence is a skill that can be developed. It’s built only through action

13:30 - Top 5 confidence derailers

21:20 - Several tips on growing your confidence

26:05 - Advice on raising daughters to be more confident


Connect with Kristin @meetkristinburke on Instagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Nicole Kalil’s Website


Nicole on Instagram


Nicole’s Podcast “Women’s Work”


Stay tuned for upcoming online course “This is Confidence”