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118 – Presence Explained – Who Are You
Episode 11830th July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“We have gifts and talents. And we're happiest when we are serving each other, loving each other, helping each other with those gifts and talents. And so here's, today's thought, and that is, you’re a child of God. If you are present to that, you will act and be completely different in your daily walk, number one, number two, you'll have much easier and better access to your ultimate life.”  - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn:

Who are you? You are created intentionally by God. And there is also the definition of science, which is too technical to explain through biology.  Now, if I take the position and I make a choice, in my heart, to define myself, as a child of God, with divine design, and a divine destiny, then being present to that reality brings an entirely different consciousness, focus, choice of being, acceptance of responsibility and so forth. To me, then it what if I chose to be or look at myself as accident biology, in which it doesn't matter how I got here, there is no place to go.

So after birth, you made yourself who you are by the decisions you made, and about to make, the things that you did, and about to do. I did some things and in that place, living it that way. I never was happy. I did not have my ultimate life. I was the opposite. I sought more pleasure, bigger thrills, higher highs, more things to buy and spend in places to go and find all those kinds of things that access and experiences that cash produces, but the one that I could never get was in-depth, meaningful. Sad. Satisfaction and joy, the idea that we were designed to have, as creations of God, the joy I couldn't get. And of course, I couldn't get it because I wasn't paying the ticket price to that experience. I was trying to buy it with cash. And there is no cash price on peace of mind and joy.

So the choice that I make about looking at myself as a child of God, and intelligent divine creation, built for a purpose, or an accident of biology with no place to go and no reason to be here, provides an entirely different focus. We talked about being present to what you are in the last episode, which is about the roles that we've all accepted. And we continue to receive them and to be fully present to it. We need to fully embrace them and recommit in the same fashion, being present to the fact that you are a child of God means that you are aware of that in every circumstance. The choice you make in the current time defines who you are.

Key Takeaways

“So, being present. And if you think about the construct of meditation where you relax and turn off all externalities, you focus on the presence of here and now and your breath and return to the breath repeatedly. If what you're responding to is a divine being who is a light, who's connected to Infinite Light, infinite mind, an infinite spirit that brings a different set of experiences with it. Van if I'm connecting to nothing Because there is nothing.”

“Think about every interaction that you had, from the smallest to the greatest, every text message you sent every reaction to an email that you had every comment to your spouse, your partner, your children, your business associates, or the stranger on the street or the highway. Think about just for a moment thinking through every one of those reactions and do it slowly and tell the truth. Would it be influenced by remembering that you and the other person on the other end of that interaction are a child of God that you were together before you came here that you and they were created with divine intent and purpose? You were both created to be happy; you were both given gifts and talents. And you're both here struggling, striving, desiring to have joy and learning to have it, learn to love to be loved, and give love?”

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