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TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants - Richard Tubb EPISODE 79, 18th October 2020
[79] How To Succeed with MSP Customer Service
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[79] How To Succeed with MSP Customer Service

In this episode, Richard talks to Andrew Wallace, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of SmileBack, a customer satisfaction platform for managed service providers and rated the number one integration on ConnectWise. 

They talk about how SmileBack’s offerings have evolved since Andrew came on board, how the tool’s simple rating system increases customer engagement, and how MSPs can use the data it produces to make positive changes in their business. 

They also talk about supporting staff and customers during times of uncertainty, who’s inspired Andrew in business, and dig into what exactly CSAT and NPS are, and why they matter. 

Richard and Andrew mentioned the following companies during their conversation: 

You can find out more about SmileBack on their website: www.smileback.com and arrange a demo, contact the sales team: help@smileback.com, or reach out to Andrew directly: andrew@smileback.com. He loves to talk about all things SmileBack.