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Microdosing Movement to Improve our Longevity with Dan Tatton & John Sinclair from Seven Movements
Episode 3313th November 2020 • This Thing Called Movement • Marie Janicek
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Today’s guests are Dan Tatton and John Sinclair of Seven Movements, a health company utilizing the concept of microdosing movement as a long-term health intervention. Both Dan and John are elite performance and health coaches, authors and serial entrepreneurs.

They joined forces to found Seven Movements after Dan saw a problem in the fitness industry: it was leaving too many people behind.  He was seeing a "successful" new exercise program or studio opening every week, yet, long-term population health indicators were all on the decline. He wanted to create a program that would help make it more convenient and simple for people to reach their exercise targets and focus on their long term health while creating healthy exercise behaviors. Dan connected with the best mind in exercise he knew, John Sinclair, and together they created Seven Movements.

John Sinclair is a Canadian health coach with over 20 years of experience, currently based in Florida. He is a performance coach for professional athletes and teams; international consultant for companies like Nike, VIPR PRO, HyperIce, IoM, SKLZ, 24HR Fitness, and Zumba; consultant for the Government of Singapore in the Health and Sport ministries; and performance coach for professional athletes and teams.

Dan Tatton is also a Canadian health coach with over 16 years of experience, who has co-founded multiple companies including Seven Movements, GRIT Performance, and Seven Days Healthy. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Education and Physical Education.  Dan puts a focus on long term health outcomes and introducing fitness and health to those who are struggling most.  He is obsessed with making healthy behaviors, simple, long-lasting, and effective. 

In this episode we discuss

  • What microdosing movement means and why it matters;
  • How popularized fitness and exercise are actually reducing our lifespan and longevity;
  • The gaps between health, fitness, and medicine, debunking many of our assumptions and beliefs around exercise;
  • Relevant scientific evidence and practical advice to help steer our choices in healthier directions.


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Scientific study citing long-term health outcome of sitting time vs exercising once per day 

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