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Creating your "Rings of Support": What is a "Wisdom Council"?
Episode 113rd June 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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What if you could manifest everything you desire, with all the support you could possibly wish for?

Many of us move through life feeling chronically overworked, under-supported, and unseen for who we really are. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In this episode, I talk all about creating your own personal "Wisdom Council" - and the 6 systems you can build around yourself to receive guidance, co-creation, inspiration, and deep support. Like an old tree, these rings keep you strong, and help you reach your lofty (and totally possible) goals.

We'll cover the 6 rings of support, and how they all work together:

  1. Your intuitive self
  2. Your guides & energy
  3. Your inner circle
  4. Your councilors / co-creators
  5. Your friends & family
  6. Your influencers

Ready to build your own personal wisdom council? Let me show exactly how! You can join The Wisdom Council training this summer at