Community Initiatives And Company Culture
Episode 112nd May 2023 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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Incorporating gratitude within your business model can positively impact your company's spirit and work culture. But while giving back to your organization can enhance your team members' connection to purpose within the workplace, connecting your company to the community can also motivate and inspire your employees to further improve your company culture and brand.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares how organizational leaders can work with their local community to help enhance their culture and build their brand. Today businesses and organizations face more expectations to participate in community initiatives and inspire societal change. In this episode, Jen discusses organizations' critical role in global leadership and how leaders can use this privilege to represent their businesses and build brands successfully. She also discusses ways leaders can begin their community-building journeys, the advantages community outreach can bring to their organization, and the impact and influence of community-based marketing.

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