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The Metaverse with Miz – Introduction
Trailer29th January 2022 • The Metaverse With Miz • Miz Feiler
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Jump on board the Metaverse train with me, Miz Feiler, as I guide you with simple lessons on everything you need to know to get up to speed and feeling confident about all things Metaverse. Let's go!



Okay Metaverse, here we go. There is something very big going on. And we're going to be looking at what is happening, how it's come about and what opportunities it's going to be presenting to us as business owners and for the companies that we work for.


I'm Miz, based in Singapore and I've been working with small business owners for 20 years, building communities and helping small business owners find opportunities to connect with each other to branch out into different industries and across borders. I nurture my Max Volume community and have plans to take this community on the journey into the Metaverse with me. I have thrown myself into the Metaverse and into this whole industry since August of last year. And have decided to devote 100% of my entire time to the exploration of what's possible in this space. Not only to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs about what it is, but actively participate in every aspect of the Metaverse.


The internet is changing and it's quite a dramatic change. And how we interact with it over the next five years is to transform. Metaverse thought leader and venture capitalist, Matthew Ball believes that the Metaverse market could be worth up to $30 trillion over the next 15 years. This year, it will already start to reach us in our daily work and in our daily interactions. And the reason that it's so rapid is that COVID has really sped up the development of these technologies. Because we were all at home and solutions needed to be found to help us continue to work and socialize. What should have maybe taken the next 18 to 24 months is at our doorstep right now.



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