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The RK3 Show - Robert Kennedy III EPISODE 90, 8th February 2021
Ep90 - What Do You Do When It's Time To Shift?

Ep90 - What Do You Do When It's Time To Shift?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Who would have thought 10 months ago that we would be in the current situation we are in right now? A lot of businesses needed to make a shift from being co-located in workplaces to running virtual offices.

What do you do when you think you want to make a shift? What do you do when you feel like its time to move to another phase or season? What if you had a process that helped you make decisions when you were deciding to make a change?

Let me share three things that I do when I' m processing a shift.

  • [06:18] Step #1: Write down "WHY" then process why you want to make change.
  • [09:42] Step #2: Socialize the change you're planning to make with people you trust.
  • [12:46] Step #3: Set a date on when you want to make the shift. WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!
  • [14:37] Let me share the major shift that will happen with The RK3 Show podcast.
  • [16:30] "What's My Story? How I Got From There to Here" launching in mid-March!

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