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Humans Exhaust Me - BizPaul & Phylecia Jones EPISODE 54, 10th August 2021
The World is on Fire
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The World is on Fire

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics comes to an end, so too does our special coverage. As we wrap it up, we talk women's Greco-Roman wrestling, modern pentathlon and which sport are for the rich, the suburbs and the street.

You'll be pleased to know there's very little talk of Covid in this episode because, people, the world is on fire and we don't have time to fix it. Greta Thunberg will be raging as all the young people are, as we watch humans destroy the earth.

Do we have any faith in global leaders to sort it out? Is it just our responsibility? Are the youth hypocrites when they go and buy from their fave fast fashion brands?

Let's face it, the world will survive humans, but we may not.