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Set Condition One - Night Shift Radio EPISODE 4, 27th October 2020
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Dad's back! Adama wakes up from his surgery to find that Tigh has frakked things up but good. And that means SC1 Actual is back in charge of the podcast, so all is right again.

Is Chief Tyrol really a Cylon? Is Baltar's Cylon Detectorâ„¢ ready to move out of beta? Will Gaius learn to listen to his conscious, Jiminy Sixit? Can (former) President Roslin pull off a daring escape with the help of Captain Apollo: Space Pirate? You'll have to listen to find out!

Or watch the show. You could do that too.

Anyway, here's some stuff about Pyramid: http://www.battlestargalacticamuseum.com/pyramid/