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Are there Different Gods of the OT and NT?
20th August 2019 • Andrew Rappaport's Daily Rapp Report • Andrew Rappaport
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Rapp Report Daily 0382 Are there Different Gods of the OT and NT? Why is the God of the New Testament so different than the God of the Old Testament? Well, this is an argument that is not actually all that new. Actually, the early church fathers had to deal with this. Very early in church history, Marcin had come up with the idea that there were two different gods, one of the Old Testament that was somehow a wrathful and hateful God, where the God of the New Testament was this loving God. However, what we end up seeing is, that not true. The God of the Old Testament is consistent, and the same God of the New Testament. However, what people fail to recognize because they want to focus on somehow God has changed, when God cannot change, is who God is dealing with has changed. In other words, God in the Old Testament is dealing with a nation, the nation of Israel, who was supposed to be as a nation representing Him, and He had rules and laws for them to follow as a nation of ambassadors, a nation that represented Him. Now He deals with a church, a church that is from all over the world from many nations, still representing Him. However, we do not come as one nation conquering, we come as people from all the nations sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. So it is not that God changed. It is who He is dealing with changed, no longer Israel, but now the church This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community: Support Striving for Eternity at Please review us on iTunes Give us your feedback, email us Like us on Facebook at Join the conversation in our Facebook group at Watch subscribe to us on YouTube at Get the book What Do They Believe at Get the book What Do We Believe at




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