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Ease Food Sensitivities with Delicious Diet & Herbs
Episode 23rd August 2021 • Ayurveda 101 with •
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Ease Food Sensitivities with Delicious Diet & Herbs

24 min.

With Shawn Diddy and Śankari Wegman

Struggling with food sensitivities? You’re not alone. Food sensitivities are very common, and they’re becoming more so with time.

From the perspective of Ayurveda, food sensitivities have their origins in an imbalance in the gut, the microbiome (all the microbes in your intestines), and the doshas—the mind-body elements responsible for every aspect of your body’s functioning.

Join Shawn Diddy and Śankari Wegman and learn:

  • How gut health plays a crucial role in food sensitivities—and how you can bolster it with Ayurveda.
  • All about your microbiome—the “good,” the “bad,” and the ugly bacteria—and how herbs and diet can balance it.
  • An introduction to ama (digestive toxins) and how to eradicate it (or at least keep it under control)
  • What the doshas have to do with digestive health and food sensitivities
  • Delicious ways to tone your gut
  • How to be spice-wise. Did you know certain herbs and spices can help boost digestion and help alleviate food sensitivities?