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Trends, tools, and solutions for supply chain transparency
23rd November 2022 • The Vitafoods Insights Podcast • Informa Markets
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Increasing calls for transparency in the supply chain are driving brands and suppliers into greater collaboration and dialogue around sourcing.

Driven by regulatory requirements, consumer demand, and myriad other influences, companies are seeking ways to optimize how they collect and share information. As part of Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo Europe, an expert panel discussed the opportunities for the ways companies can optimize the way they collect and share information around sustainability and sourcing. In this podcast version, we share the insights of Juliette Barre, director of enterprise sales at Sourcemap; João Brites, director of growth and innovation at HowGood; Dan McGlynn, senior account executive at TraceGains; and Miranda Murphy, principal consultant at Sedex

Tune in to hear more about: 

  • What companies need to do to ensure they can meet regulatory requirements around the globe.
  • Understanding the biggest risk in responsible sourcing, and how companies should be managing those risks.
  • Exploring the ‘say-do’ gap with consumers, and understanding the right way to communicate about sustainability.
  • Questions to ask about tech solutions when making the decision to use those tools to enhance sustainability reporting.


  • Juliette Barre, director of enterprise sales, Sourcemap
  • João Brites, director of growth and innovation, HowGood
  • Dan McGlynn, senior account executive, TraceGains
  • Miranda Murphy, principal consultant, Sedex

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