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Episode 11019th July 2022 • Tabula Rasa, B!tches!: A Buffy Rewatch Show • Allie Press & Nick Mercer
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Everyone's nightmares seem to be coming true at Sunnydale high—Xander goes to class in his underwear, Giles loses the ability to read, and time flies during Buffy's surprise test. Buffy keeps seeing a young boy around campus and begins to make a link when a student is attacked by a strange monster who keeps saying, ‘Lucky nineteen.’ Buffy discovers that the boy she sees is an astral projection, as the actual boy is lying in a coma in the hospital after having been brutally attacked. The living nightmares worsen with Buffy encountering the Master, Giles mourning over her grave, and Buffy rising as a vampire. The gang tries to find the boy to help him wake up and discovers that the monster is a living nightmare version of the boy's baseball coach, who we find out is the one who put the boy in the coma. Buffy helps the boy face his fears, and all returns to normal.

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