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Chapter 100. A Real World example of Waft.
Episode 1004th April 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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We had a very special guest join us for Chapter 100. And he dropped Waft into the conversation, and then he went on to define what Waft has come to mean in Marillion circles.

Ant was very taken with the concept of Waft, because Waft is at the very heart of what makes TCD the thing that it is.

So as we celebrate the fact that we have made it to 100 episodes, (and by the way that was never part of the plan), I must doff a cap to the brilliance of Michael Hunter, and to all the things that have made this journey possible;

The band, the guests, the sisters, Zoom, Lucy, the livestreams, the purples & the roots, our families, Sontronics microphones, everybody who has listened, Mossad, the GRU and my long-suffering and undeniably witty interrogator, Ant Short.

A wise man once said "This is the 1st Century. It's flash to crash and burn..."


P.S A hundred thanks to those who signed up at episode 1 and VERY special thanks to Alan K for being first through the door x

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