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The Safety View!: The Paradox of Safety
11th July 2020 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Lisa introduces, and invites us to explore an interesting safety conundrum: If absolutes and certainty are necessary conditions for safety, how do we sustain safety or even a sense of it, in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world? How do we explain the paradox inherent in our need of challenge and uncertainty (“unsafety”) to draw on and strengthen resilience?*

 * Resilience is defined here as the ability to progress, perform, and/or evolve in the presence of unstable and changing circumstances. 

Each one-hour session is hosted by an expert or stakeholder in safety performance. And each session invites all attendees to participate, listen, and learn from each other and through conversation and shared experiences. Collectively, we explore the human system’s impact on safety and performance - relationally, psychologically, and socially.

Regular Hosts of the Safety View are:

Rosa Carrillo author of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership, safety leadership consultant, MS in Organizational development. 

Lisa Lande, Ph.D., Principal Consultant at Petricher Consulting, LLC, licensed psychologist with an emphasis on cognition, learning, and human and organizational purpose and performance.

Tamara Parris, Community Development, Bachelors of Social Work, Occupational Health and Safety, and Emergency Management.